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What is color changing product?

Simply speaking, it is also called mood change, color change is a few color cycle back and forth changes, like people’s emotions it will be presented by color

How many colors are changing?

There are dichromatic, 6 dichromatic, 12 dichromatic

What kind of material is the color changing product made of?

It’s a substance that resembles cholesterol, a molecule that has been deflected in such a way that it’s reversibly bright in color

How does the color changing product become?

It will vary with the body temperature, ambient temperature or moderate, the color of the product

Is there any temperature requirement for color changing products?

Yes, it only ranges from 10 degrees up to 40 degrees and back again

Can the discolored product be soaked in water?

No, it can be wiped clean by rain occasionally

May I ask what color your color-changing products are at high temperature?

It’s usually black, but it can be blue, purple, or deep red

What color is the color-changing product at the lowest temperature?

Low temperature and high temperature are basically the same color, please note that the ambient temperature and humidity are different in every country and place in the world

Does the discolored product have a shelf life?

Some, normal use 3 years or so are without a problem, the person is for cannot assure

What are your chameleon stones made of?

It is made of resin material, which is a kind of resin adhesive specially designed for color-changing oil, which is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and odorless

Is there any quality problem with the color changing products?

Please rest assured that we will have special quality control personnel to arrange inspection before shipment to ensure the quality of products

Do you have standard sizes for chameleon stones?

The gem size is relatively accurate. It is suggested that you can make the size of the appearance of your products according to our gem size



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